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Our Diagnostic & Troubleshooting Solution: SPN's n-Support


The n-Support service, our Diagnostic & Troubleshooting solution, offers the necessary expertise and technical assistance for analysis and problems solving of equipment operation, control stability and product quality.


Our specialists and experts use state-of-the-art tools and have an access to a continuously growing knowledge base integrating the experience acquired since 1982. Our solutions and interventions target product quality improvements, increase of equipment productivity and control performance.


Our goal is to reduce the time required for diagnostic and troubleshooting and to offer the best technical and economical solutions. Our services are provided utilizing the most efficient delivery mode; by phone, web conference or on-site assistance.

Applications to the Drives & automation Sector

Expertise & Capabilities:

Our expertise on Motors, Drives & Rectifiers covers the operation and functioning of the power components, the regulation and the controls for both AC and DC technologies.


Areas of expertise:

  • Paper, board and film: Machines, winders, supercalanders, coaters, laminators, extruders
  • Steel: Ovens, conveyers and laminators
  • Chemical and aluminium: Electrolysis line


Technology & Equipment covered:
  • Industrial drives, AC and DC technologies
  • Power rectifiers
  • Synchronous machines
  • Controllers and PLC’s


 Technical services offered:
  • Expertise on drives and motors
  • Analysis and modification of controller and PLC programs
  • Tuning of regulation loops
  • Start-ups and field supervision
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic
  • Equipment survey


Examples of resolved problems
  • Nuisance drive trips
  • Control instability
  • Repetitive component failure
  • Programming errors


Applications to the Paper Production Sector

Expertise & Capabilities

Our engineers and specialists have a strong expertise and experience in the manufacturing, finishing and converting operations on different paper types, such as: Newsprint, Light Weight Coated, Directory, Fine paper, Tissue, and Paperboard.


 Areas of expertise:

  • Web handling
  • Winding
  • Paper physical properties
  • Equipment and Control
  • Operation and Productivity
  • Quality


Technology & Equipment covered:
  • Paper machines
  • Coaters
  • Laminators
  • Winders
  • Supercalendars


Technical services offered:
  • Survey of equipment and operation, on-demand or periodical
  • Roll analysis and diagnostic (J-Line, Smith needle, gap test, etc.)
  • Optimization of winding and reeling parameter profiles
  • Roll runnability performance analysis and follow-up in printing presses
  • Time and motion studies
  • Optimization of operating methods and training (threading of sheet, splicing, etc.)


Examples of resolved problems
  • Roll structure: Wrinkles, bursts, loose cores, starring, corrugating, etc.
  • Roll production: Run together, dishing, wrinkles under splice, set throws, etc.
  • Productivity: Time between sets, time to replace parent roll, rider rolls movement, operating sequence, etc.