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Continuously Monitor your Assets & Processes

n-Spektor mobile unit

The n-Spektor™ Acquisition Processor offers non-intrusive control independent data acquisition. Signals are measured at the process level for increased reliability.

SPN engineers use their in depth knowledge of the process and machinery to ensure that key data is measured at strategic connection points.

Special attention is given to attaching signal isolators to drives and machines in a manner that enables safe, reliable and continuous high speed acquisition.

The n-Spektor™ Acquisition processor provides access to digital, analog and frequency signals from machine sensors, drives, controls and process transducers.

SPN uses high impedance signal isolators located close to the signal measuring point in order to prevent any interference with the controls.

  • Fixed, mobile or portable type units
  • Analog, Digital & Frequency hardwired inputs
  • High impedance signal isolators, input signal range from ± 100mV to ± 1000V with 1500Vrms signal isolation
  • Anti-Aliasing filtering on analog channels
  • Continuous sampling at 2500 s/s/channel
  • On board processor for high speed sampling

Measuring & Acquiring Reliable Data

Technical Characteristics


  • Paper machine
  • Winders
  • Coaters
  • Laminators
  • Extruders
  • Kilns and Ovens
  • Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Drives and Power rectifiers



The n-Spektor is delivered and installed fully configured, benefiting the mill from SPN’s expertise in data acquisition.

  • Control independent data acquisition.
  • Signals measured at the process level.
  • Data from: Process, Operation, Quality, Drives and Controls.
  • Continuous high sampling rate for high speed event logging.
  • Calculates calipers on unwinds and rewinds.



Data archiving has been structured and optimized for agility in order to provide the fastest access to data.

  • Mixed continuous and batch process compatibility.
  • Multiple file creations for trends and events.
  • Easily traceable file system.
  • Off-site archiving.



Data access and display features aimed at facilitating the monitoring, the diagnostic and the troubleshooting.

  • Simultaneous On-Line and Off-Line viewing.
  • Data and customized workspaces, can be accessed anywhere on the mill network.
  • Powerful files and events search functions.
  • User’s configurable group of signals to display relevant data.
  • Users can drill down from months of archived data to individual sets to individual events displayed at the millisecond level.