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How to Calculate Rider Roll Load from Cylinder Pressures


The rider roll load can be estimated from pressure in the cylinders and rider roll geometry. The purpose is to validate load cell calibration or as a direct...  Read More

drum nip load image

How to Calculate Drum Nip Load


Drum nip load has a direct impact on roll structure. Because it is not measurable, it can only be calculated using rider roll load level and winder geometry... Read More

load cell calibration image

How to Validate Tension Load Cell Calibration on Winders


Load cell calibration can be validated using electrical measurements available from most drive systems. In particular, tension calculated from unwind... Read More

How to Ensure Superior Roll Quality By Controlling Tension


Roll defects and reduced winder runnability are often caused by incorrect web tension levels or control. To avoid these issues, it is important to... Read More





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