Newsletter  Nº5-  Friday September 4th, 2015


We would like to share with you the following case study and technical tip about web tension control.
How to detect unwind brake issues affecting tension control

On winders, an unwind brake malfunction can interfere with the tension control leading to sheet instabilitystability and internal tension variations within wound rolls.
This situation does not provide obvious signs and therefore can remain undetected until it reaches a critical state.


How to ensure superior roll quality by controlling tension

Roll defects and reduced winder runnability are often caused by incorrect web tension levels or control.

To avoid these issues and thus ensure proper roll quality, it is important to set the correct tension reference and meet the required control characteristics.
“Just in the past year, we’ve saved over $220,000 in rejected paper rolls by monitoring our winder with SPN’s solution, which consistently alerts us about potential issues that may impact the quality of our paper rolls.”
Jean-François Poirier, Supervisor, Norampac
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