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Since 1982, SPN Consultants has been assisting clients to reach and sustain higher levels of product quality, operational uptime and maintenance efficiency. By continuously monitoring plant and mill equipment, collecting and continually analyzing data, SPN facilitates rapid troubleshooting and allows for early detection of issues.


> Expertise at the service of excellence

SPN’s engineers and specialists have broad experience in automation, motors, drives and controls, related to various process equipment including winders and paper machines. This extensive experience enables SPN to offer unbiased neutral advice adapted to the needs of plants and paper mills based on benchmarks and industry knowledge.


> Innovative engineering solutions

SPN's engineers deliver solutions that are tailored to each project focusing on the best interest of the client. We maintain a holistic approach in designing and specifying reliable and low risk solutions, while being very attentive to details during the execution for timely and on budget delivery. Our services on drives and automation systems cover a broad range starting from asset risk evaluation and mitigation to the specific of programming, configuration and commissioning of the equipment.


> A full range of remote services

Unlike alternative solutions in the industry, SPN is able to actively monitor production in a remote manner and provide neutral recommendations (no ties with any supplier) to ensure the machines are operating in an optimal manner and that the operational teams have sufficient analytics to improve the equipment’s performance and make informed decisions.

Our expertise and rigorous approach combined with continuous monitoring enable us to deliver creative and cost effective solutions to meet productivity targets for pulp and paper mills and plants.

Serving clients in USA & Canada

SPN Consultants Clients Map, USA & Canada
SPN Consultants Clients
SPN Consultants Clients

Testimonials from our clients

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Marc Levasseur, VP Operations, Resolute


"By resolving most of our production problems through remote support, SPN Consultants managed to dramatically reduce our downtime and maintenance costs. For problems that require special attention, SPN’s experts are always available to address issues.”


Jean-François Poirier, Supervisor, Norampac


“Just in the past year, we’ve saved over $220,000 in rejected paper rolls by monitoring our winder with SPN’s solution, which consistently alerts us about potential issues that may impact the quality of our paper rolls.”


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Nathan Gallant, Reliability Engineer, Resolute


“With the challenge of aging equipment, SPN’s services provide us with constant reliable insight to effectively maintain the paper machine, winder and pulp dryer, identifying the weak links and preventing critical problems before they even happen.”


Robert DeJong, E/I Superintendent, Bear Island Paper WB LLC


“SPN sends us daily productivity reports. This information enables us to stay on top of our winder efficiency, maintain consistency from set to set, reduce downtime and rapidly diagnose any production issues that may occur.”


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Jeffrey Mathis, Electrical Superintendent, RockTenn


“As SPN collects and analyzes data on a continuous basis, they are able to assist us rapidly in the most critical times using troubleshooting methods based on analysis of past data and history of our machine. They are responsive and extremely knowledgeable, giving us detailed instructions to fix the drives.”