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Consolidating Data

Relevant Data

Smart Display & Troubleshooting Assistant

The n-Soft™ Acquisition Software includes applications which seamlessly provide all the necessary functions from data collection to data viewing.

Consolidating Data

The n-Soft™ Acquisition Software flexibility enables data consolidation from n-Spektor Acquisition Processor; mill PLC’s, OPC Servers and any other data repository system eliminating redundancy wherever possible.


Data is archived based on time spans, events and cycle schemes relative to the equipment and process from which the data is acquired.

n-spektor™ software display

Offering Access to Relevant Data

Drawing on SPN’s analysis and reporting experience, our engineers have developed user friendly configuration and viewing tools.

n-spektor™ software display

Each user can customize a workspace and develop views to rapidly drill down months of archived data to selected sets and events at the millisecond level. The data is also automatically and continuously backed up securely on SPN’s data server, and will be archived for a period of 5 years.


The n-Soft™ Acquisition Software provides flexibility for remote, cost-effective troubleshooting as well as collaboration and interaction. The client and SPN personnel can simultaneously view and discuss instabilities, variations, or deviations using the same viewing configurations and formats.