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Our training courses have been designed to improve process knowledge, bring together experience and information, and get the most out of the n-Spektor™ Platform.

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Information is a key element in plant operations. Teams who can use information properly will contribute to efficiencies and operational performance. SPN training solutions foster collaboration between operation and maintenance teams by clearly explaining the interactions among the various components of these complex processes.

Investing in People

Operation and Maintenance teams are fundamental resources. In their work, they can discover and then capitalize on opportunities to drive performance forward. SPN will also find that mills offering training for their employees also send a clear message that their employees are valued in the company, in turn translating into higher levels of productivity. It all adds up to higher profitability.

Courses Offered

Process Seminars - understanding process fundamentals
  • Winding & Reeling
  • Control Systems
  • Motors & Drives
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
Machine Controls Courses - raising machine knowledge
  • Tailored to each specific machine, its documentation, drawings, and control configuration.
  • Course offered on-site.
  • Course offered by a team of experienced engineers.
n-Spektor™ Courses - Two complimentary levels of training
  • n-Spektor™ training: Installation and user interface.
  • Advanced analysis techniques: Performance and quality statistics with advanced software features.